About Us

Hi there,


What started us on this adventure was our 3 girls (Dash, Honey & Flick) and our boy Jack. The girls are our chooks and Jack is our Jack Russell.


Jack loved nothing more than giving the girls a good run for their money. Which of course meant we got very few eggs due to the regular over exercising the girls got or Jack himself would free range on the eggs, he could get into their nest with ease.


We needed to either contain Jack or contain the chooks.


Looking around for a good metal enclosure that was easy to construct, would last us years, low maintenance and was easy to put together was challenging. Yes, we found enclosures but the metal quality, thickness, size would not give us the very long term solution we where looking for. We had previously been in a steel fabrication business so we knew our metal. All the timber ones required regular maintenance and were not designed for the Aussie climate.


We also began looking for shelters for our horses after floods took out their trees. Trying to find something that required no council approval, was tall enough, didn't require the horses to adjust to loud noise (rain on a tin roof) proofed interesting.


This lead us to ask the question surely there are products out there in the world that would meet our needs and surely if we were looking then so would others.


This began the adventure of Maryriver Cages we found what we where looking for and hope these products will also solve your issues.



Meg & Stephen